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Donations help keep Corydon a great place to live, work, and play

Main Street Corydon is a non-profit organization that runs solely off of donations to make our operations feasible. Our hopes is to make our hometown a welcoming place for all through interactive activities, economic development, and growth for our community.

Throughout the year Main Street Corydon:

  • Hosts and coordinates events such as the Colors of Corydon Art Festival, The Popcorn Festival, Glasstoberfest, First Fridays, Wine Walks, Sweet Strolls and Light Up Corydon, which draw thousands of people to our town

  • Collaborate with other local non-profit organizations who have similar goals for our town
  • Orchestrate ‘Keep Corydon Beautiful’ and Spring Plantings to make our downtown refreshed and vibrant
  • Serve as an information hub for all news related to Downtown Corydon
  • Organize the Corydon Farmers Market throughout the entire season, bringing support to our local farmers and creating a gathering place on Friday evenings
  • Assist blossoming entrepreneurs and their new businesses with connections and resources
  • Train and support current businesses owners with knowledge to sustain and grow their local businesses
  • Protect local history through façade improvement and historic preservation initiatives

We want to continue to make Downtown Corydon a place everyone is proud to be a part of, but we can’t do it without YOU!

Consider investing in your town.